Bed Time Ritual

Last night was the first night in a week that we finally had the apartment to ourselves. My cousin was staying with us during this past week and because he is vanilla, and has no idea about our dynamic, we had to keep things on the down low.

There is no better feeling than being able to come home from a long day at work and being able to strip naked in your own place. That is exactly what I did. I got to call Master by His title to me freely without having to worry about questions and odd looks again.


Master took the opportunity to set things back in full motion last night. He ordered me to my knees in the living room where He placed my collar back around my neck and took liberty of forcing Himself into my mouth for a few minutes before letting me arise. Master washed the dishes and I dried them while He went to the bedroom and mess around in there. Once I was finished, Master decided that before we fully get ready for bed, He wanted to try implementing something new. Something He hopes will stick and we can do every night.

He asked me to choose between my purple leather cuffs and my steel cuffs that match my collar. My obvious answer was the steel cuffs. Master took out the hexagonal key and opened the cuffs for me. As He placed them around my wrists, He also slipped a chain link through the cuff so that I was locked into them with chains. The chain, mind you, is about 15 feet in length and not too terribly heavy as the links are made of light aluminum.

In Masters hand was the rest of the chain, bundled up into a ball. He grinned at me.

“Do you need to use the bathroom?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Okay, then come on.”

There was very little chain give between the ball of chain in his hand to my wrists that kept me locked up, so when He took off ahead of me to the bathroom I had to keep up to remain comfortable. As we stood at the bathroom I waited to see what He would do next. He started counting links and letting one slide out of His hand at a time. He dropped a decent amount before looking back up to me with a smirk on His face.

“That should be plenty. Go ahead.” He closed the door and held onto the chain outside the bathroom door.

It was awkward… I had to sit on the toilet sideways and the first thing that came to mind was how was I going to reach the toilet paper? It was behind me but I couldn’t reach it with my hands. I felt panic and refrained from releasing my bladder.

“Master?! How am I going to wipe myself?! I can’t even reach the toilet paper.” I whined, looking at the door. The door was pushed open by Him and there He stood in the doorway, looking down on me with this look of amusement on His face.

“How are you going to reach the toilet paper, huh?” smirks

I just stared at Him, waiting to see if He’d give me some more leeway with the chain.

“You have two perfectly good legs…”

I thought to myself that this was an odd time to be complimenting me. I’m sitting on the toilet… busting to go…. Have I ever mentioned that I have moments where I’m dimmer than a broken light bulb?

“Have you tried using them?”

Still with the smile on his face, He lays that bit of logic on me and then it clicked. I held my arms in place, taught against the chain and twisted my body around, grabbed the TP holder with my feet and scooted it around to where it was facing me. All while still sitting on the toilet. The whole time, Master just watched me and refused to look away, so I was forced to relieve myself while He watched me.

I felt a tad humiliated but he talked on.

“I’m giving you challenges,” He held up the ball of chain, “I want to see you think. So from here on you’re going to need to get creative.”

Once I was finished in the bathroom, He asked if I wanted to get any water before bed because once He locked me to the bed, I wasn’t getting out until the morning. Off to the kitchen I went and got us both waters for the night, I made sure the door was locked and sat myself on the bed. He took this time to lock me onto the bed. I had enough room to lie down comfortably, but getting off the bed was not going to happen.

“Well, I’m going to take this time to use the bathroom myself and brush my teeth. I’ll be back.”

“Oh that’s right! I should probably brush my teeth as well.”

“Nope.” Another damn smirk, but I loved it.

“What?! Why?”

“You had your bathroom time, and you missed your chance.”

With that He left the room. I pouted a bit, but shrugged it off. I could just brush them in the morning. I’ll just have to remember this from now on. However, to my surprise, Master returned and actually let me go brush my teeth. He told me that since this was the first night we did this that He would give me a little room for error, but asked that I try to remember everything from here on out.

I ended up carrying the chain around with me to the bathroom and back to the bed room. Once I came back to bed, He chained me up for good and that was it for the night. I wasn’t allowed to be unlocked till the next morning. I was a tad worried about this, but I trusted Master, so I calmed down a little bit, taking solace in that knowledge along.

After a while of cuddling naked, Master took the time to use me. He pulled the chain back to where my arms were forced above my head and drove Himself into me. Once He came in me, He cleaned up our cum puddle a little bit, but the cum that stayed inside me was staying there. I didn’t get to clean it all out till this morning.

I think I’m going to really like our new bed time rituals. ^.^