Ben Wa Balls

Funny story time!

So back in 2008, around Christmas time, Master and I had only been a couple for a little over a month. We were just high school boy friend and girl friend and this was before we got into the lifestyle or anything relatively kinky.

There used to be a store in the local mall called Excalibur. They sold all kinds of nifty things, glass figurines, large sized dragon and fairy figurines, full sets of chess pieces, lots of fun sharp objects like knives, throwing stars, swords. You name it, it was probably there.

In one of the glass cases, holding all the various throwing stars and daggers, there were these two metal balls. Me, being my excited self, was like “Look! Ben Wa Balls!”

Let me explain something… I thought (at the time) that’s what they were called for the meditation balls, where you spin them around in your hand to produce calm feelings and stuff. You know. just meditation things.

Well, when I exclaimed that the owner of the shop quickly came over to me and said very sternly “No… those are not Ben Wa Balls.” Then the conversation between me and the owner went something like this…

Me: “They’re not?”

Her: “No, honey. They are for calming the mind and meditation.”

Me: “Yeah! Ben Wa Balls!”

Her: “Mmmm those are.. something else.”

Me: “Then what are Ben Wa Balls?”

Her: “Look, just trust me on this, they are not what you think.” She chuckles a little and leaves it at that.

So I just let it be and of course this plagues my mind for the rest of the evening we are there at the mall. Master just kind of kept quiet the whole time as He didn’t even really know what I thought I was talking about either.

Needless to say, as soon as we get back to His place, I do a google search on Ben Wa Balls on the lap-top and sure enough… I was very much so wrong. They were definitely not the same kind of balls I was thinking of. Similar, but… yeah.


Embarrassing, to say the least.

The young, innocent, vanilla girl still had a LOT to learn about kink at the ripe age of 17.