Do NOT Touch Me!

I work in the medical field, so I deal with people on the regular. I have dealt with rude people, nice people, strange people, and people whom I hope I’d never see again. I have been the recipient of some unwanted flirtation from patients (young and old) and have even been told I’d look good in a french maid outfit.

Until today, I have never been touched. You, mister, decided to change that all for me and you triggered me just enough to shake me up pretty damn good. I’m not sure what went through your head when you decided to run your hand down my arm, caressing me like I was some doll, while telling me that I was “an attractive young lady”. Whatever it was, in that split second, you triggered my anxiety and in turned caused some past shit to brought to the surface so fast it made my stomach lurch and my head spin.

To you, this was nothing. To me? This was awful. You may not know that I have been subjected to sexual abuse in the past, but I do and that is exactly what you dug up for me. Because of your words and physical attention, I was forced to relive when I molested as a child in my mind.

When I moved out of arms reach and shot you a look, you didn’t even bother apologizing, but instead went on with conversation like nothing happened. Fuck you. I don’t like being touch by people I do not know, let alone being talked to like I’m some play thing. Hell, I wouldn’t even touch you if my job didn’t call for it when taking your vitals or anything else medically related.

Regardless, none of what I said to you or did around you should have EVER been an invitation to touch me. I reported your creepy ass to my supervisor and the physician you were seeing today. Apparently you’ve done shit like this in the past. I hope I never see you again, and if you ever touch me again, I will kick your teeth in. Don’t talk to me about how you won’t stand a chance with me because you see I have an engagement ring on my finger. You’re old enough to possibly be my grandfather and you violated my personal space. You can fuck off.

Also, I don’t give a DAMN that you’ve been married twice. That is irrelevant to what you just did and does not excuse your actions!!!

To others who have not known what I’ve dealt with in my life this may seem like nothing to you, but for me this was a very triggering event and left me shaking for nearly an hour.

Had this happened to me on the street, I would have decked the fucker. This was in a patient exam room, behind a closed door as I was giving him a shot, and for fear of possibly getting fired, I just gave him his shot and left the room in a hurry….

My stomach gets queasy thinking just about it….