Important People

Here is a list of people that I may/do mention within my blog. These are people whom I love and care for, and have a direct influence in my life.

Master – He is of course, my Master. I’ve been with Him for four and a half years and He is the main subject in a lot of my posts. He started off as a friend back in high school, who soon became more than friends with me. Lots of changes has happened between us, and I’m very happy that I could have experienced these changes with Him. He is far more than a blessing, and I’m so very lucky to have Him as part of my life.

Angel – A very dear friend of mine, who is a little bit more than friends with me. We’re best known as play-partners, meets cuddle buddies. She is a very lovely woman, and I’m truly blessed to have her in my life. Our friendship has grown so much over the past couple of years, and I’m very happy about this. ^.^ There are so many great things I could say about her. She’s just amazing.

Panda – Angel’s Master, whom I am also very lucky to have in my life as well. He is a pretty funny guy, and has a nerdy side of him that matches well with the rest of us. Panda, Master, Angel and myself are like a happy kinky little family. It’s quite nice.

SK – Also known as Square Knot. He is the reason I have gotten more into rope work than I was before. He is also the reason I have some pretty amazing photos to share with you all. Not only does he take amazing photos, but he is just a great guy in general. Truly, he is a one of a kind friend.

More to be added later, I’m sure.