Dressing Up for Master

Last weekend Master and I went shopping at the mall near us. I have never been a fan of shopping, and in most cases we end up leaving with me feeling horrible about my body and feeling depressed about life in general. I have major body issues that I have worked through since being with Master, and I’m still working on them to this day. Not to mention I have shopping anxiety and a social phobia to which I can be sent into a panic attack if I am left to myself in a store. So to try and avoid all of this, Master goes with me and is my mental and emotional stability in public.

This summer I have been working on losing weight and getting back down to my goal weight. I have successfully lost 20 lbs this summer, and I am steadily losing more. This has made me feel a lot better about my body and has given me new found confidence in myself.

I had one goal, and that was to buy myself a new pair of jeans, some panties, and maybe a few new tops. We stopped in the first store of my choice and I successfully found a pair of jeans I liked. Master also found something He liked for me to wear… A dress. Now, I’m mostly a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, who likes her lingerie and girly things in private. I mostly hate dresses and I wear them when I absolutely have to. As if one wasn’t enough, He found a second one He wanted me to try on.

“Try these on and I want you to come out of the dressing room, do a twirl for me and let me get a good look at you. Understood?”

“But!” I protested

“No buts. Get in there and come out when you’re dressed.”

I went into the dressing room as I was told and tried on the jeans I picked out first. They fit perfectly! I set them off to the side and started forming a pile of clothes I was going to buy. I tried on the first dress. It was orange with a type of white mesh over the top of it. Admittedly, it looked cute on me. It made my figure look nice and I started to like it. I stepped out of the dressing room and walked out. I locked eyes with Master, who was leaning up against a beam in the store with His arms crossed.

He made a motion with His hand “Come out here and turn for me.”

I felt like I was putting on some sort of silly fashion show just for Him. Reluctantly, I walked out to the middle of the floor between us and turned for Him. A deep blush stained my cheeks as I did this for Him.

“Hmmm.. Not bad. Now go and try the other one.”

I skipped back into the dressing room and repeated this another time for Him. The second time around, when I was ‘modeling’ for Master, I caught glimpse of one of the employees watching me curiously. As soon as she saw I noticed her, she quickly turned away and acted like she saw nothing. I noted this in my head, blushed and looked at Master.

“I like that one the best. You will buy it.”

“Yes, Sir.” I walked back into the dressing room and looked at myself in the mirror.

“Why is it the dresses I hate, I seem to look the best in?” I said aloud so that Master could hear me.”

“Because I know what looks best on you.”

Once I changed back into my original clothes, I bought the items Master chose for me and we went to the next store. I bought some lingerie in one store and another store I found two cute tops that I really liked. When we got back to the house, Master insisted that I modeled my new clothes for Him. I stripped myself of my clothes and started trying on my panties and a matching top for Him. Master brought out the camera and smiled.

“Get on the bed for me. Now touch yourself”

He told me how me wanted me to be positioned, aimed the lens at me and I heard that all-too-familiar clicking noise of the shutter working its magic.

I pleasured myself through my brand new panties, just as Master told me to. I felt a strange sense of pleasure as I did this. I don’t usually touch myself, and there I was, playing with myself for Master. It felt a little awkward at first, but I enjoyed it.

“Now I want you to lie on your stomach, I want to see that beautiful ass of yours. Pop it out for me.”

I turned over, moving my body sensually for Master. I popped my ass up a little for Him, just as He instructed me.

There was something about putting on this little private show for Master that really made me feel owned and at service to Him. He let me try on one of the shirts I got as well, and I have to say, it really makes my body looks nice.

After I modeled this one for Him as well, He finally decided it was time for me to put on the dress.

“Put on the dress for me.” A wicked grin took over Master’s plump lips.

“I have a feeling.. you wanted me to buy this dress for more than the fact it looks good on me..”

“Maybe… Now put it on.”

I did as I was told and put on the dress for Him, I also modeled for this one too before Master did what He really wanted to do with me, regarding this dress.

“When you wear this dress, you are to never wear underwear underneath. That means bras and panties. I want full access to you when you wear this.”

“Yes, Master.” I smiled at Him and He leaned in for a kiss.

“Come downstairs with me.”

We went downstairs to the living room where our table was. There were a few items on the table, but Master hastily moved them out of the way with one big swipe of His arm. He turned me around and forced me down onto the table, the upper half of my body pressed firmly against it. He placed a hand within my hair and pushed my face against the wood. I felt His free hand roaming around my ass and my cunt, dipping a finger in to see that I was as wet at He thought I would be.

With no hesitation He slammed His cock deep and hard into me. I felt my body lurch forward from the sheer force of Him and pain emitting from within my cunt.

“Ow~” I moaned, but Master kept thrusting into me, ignoring (or else enjoying) my cries of pain as He fucked me harder than ever before.

“I’m going to use you like the little whore you are.” He growled into my ear as He pounded mercilessly into my throbbing cunt. As He continued this, a few tears escaped my eyes, but I writhed blissfully in the attention I was receiving. With no warning, Master came hard into me, spilling His seed inside of me. I gasped for air, cumming with my Master. He pulled out of me, panting and staring deep into my eyes with primal features decorating His face.

“I like this dress.” Master smirked.


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