24/7 Is Not Easy…

As most of you have probably gathered, I only have enough time to post once a week, and that is typically on the weekends. I work a full schedule at work and by the time I get home from work, I’m exhausted and ready to just lie down and sleep. The same goes for Master. He works most of the week as well, and classes are about to start up again, meaning He will be studying most of the time again.

Last night we sat down and talked about a few things. Mostly about our relationship. I know a lot of the time I post about our sexual endeavors, but our relationship is much more than that. I serve Him on a daily basis. It’s not always easy. Sometimes I find it hard putting my own wants aside and tending to His wants and needs first. I had a revelation, though.

Master’s work day started much earlier than it usually does yesterday. He actually had to go out of state and a few hours away. He also got back home later than He usually does. He mostly is a labor worker. Lifting heavy boxes and machinery all day, but yesterday was even worse. I found myself rubbing His back, giving Him ease after a long hard day of work. I felt at peace, knowing that my own hands could melt away His pain.

It’s little things like that that makes our dynamic work out so well. The sex is great, but it isn’t what makes us Master and slave. It’s my service to Him.

I do my best to obey Him every day. To put His desires and needs before my own. Some days are a little easier than others, but it takes real work and dedication to actually make an M/s relationship like ours work. It’s not something that just happens naturally all the time. Sometimes we have to put forth the extra effort. That effort, however, is what makes it worth it in the end. It’s what makes this relationship survive.

I am His slave, every single day, but it doesn’t mean we don’t disagree, and it doesn’t mean we don’t fight. We just find ways of coping and working through it. We utilize our lifestyle and experiences to better ourselves as individuals and as a couple.

One of the many reasons Master doesn’t really punish me is because He doesn’t see a point in it. Instead, He sits down and talk to me about the problem. Punishment has occurred in the past, but we feel communication is more effective for us. We haven’t always been this good at it, and as time goes on, we will find more effective ways to communicate in the future. We will still fight, and we will still have disagreements. It’s the lessons we take away from those moments that we put into our relationship to make it better and make it work.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, despite the majority of my posts being based mostly on kink and sex, Master and I are much more than that as individuals and as Master and slave. We are a dynamic duo. We strive to make each other happy in more ways than just physical pleasure. It’s not always easy, either. We find ways of making our lives work when it seems like we don’t always have the opportunities right in our faces. Some days we are both just so tired and worn out from work, that all we want to do is just curl up and sleep. We have learned that that is okay.

It’s okay to be exhausted, and it’s okay to set aside the M/s part of our life every now and then. It may not always be what we want, but it might just be what we need so that we can continue to grow. I used to be afraid of that. I used to think that if we didn’t do something every single day that we weren’t technically M/s 24/7. I have learned that my past thought process on that was flawed. We will always be 24/7, even when it doesn’t feel like it, because I am His slave all day every day. It almost the same flawed thought that if we didn’t go on a date one day, that suddenly we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. It wouldn’t make sense, and it certainly wouldn’t be true.

Master has always been my better half, even when we were just best friends in high school. He has always been my voice of reason, and my eye opener to the world around me. It is because of Him, and the conversation we had last night, that I have finally realized that I can relax. I can live my life without worry when it comes to us. We are together every minute of every day. Even if we are not actively doing something… we are still Master and slave.

And for that… I am blessed to have Him in my life, and I love Him more and more every single day.