My Rant for the Week: Moving Kind of Sucks

Moving is stressful. Far more stressful than I previously anticipated.

It’s nice being able to finally have the freedom to walk about my own place naked, or blast up my music as loud as I want (which really isn’t loud). I don’t have to smell cigarette smoke when I walk in the door. Eventually, after getting all my clothes washed, I won’t have to smell it on my clothes either. I love that I can sleep next to my Master, and serve Him in our privacy without disturbance from parents or anyone else. I don’t have animal fur all over my stuff anymore.

It’s nice… Very nice…. That being said…

I don’t know how much more I can handle with constantly packing, then unpacking, cleaning, laundry to get cigarette smoke out of my clothes, sorting, throwing junk away, saving clothes that don’t fit to give to the homeless shelter, and it goes on and on and ON AND ON!

I’m exhausted. I work Monday through Friday; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and off on weekends. By the time the weekend rolls around, I’m so flipping worn down from work and moving that I just don’t want to move. Yet… there is still more to be done. I can’t wait to finally be fully moved in, everything unpacked… books on the shelves, clothes in their respectful dressers, coats hung up in the closet, kink stuff put away in the other closet… I just… want it all to be done.

Master works about the same schedule as me, so He is in the same boat as me. I’ve caught myself getting a tad snippy with Him earlier this evening and I had to walk away. It wasn’t his fault. I’m just so worn out that I can’t stand to communicate properly. I just hope once this is all done and over with, we can go back to relaxing and enjoying this place as much as we did the first weekend we got this place.

Keep us in your thoughts. All the positive vibes are needed.