This was taken from the very first photo shoot Master and I had with the magnificent Square Knot. I remember him asking me, “Have you ever tried an inflatable gag before?” I told him “No, but it would be nice to experience it some day.” Prepared, as he typically is, he has one on hand … Read moreSilenced


I have always loved seeing men in suits, but most importantly, Master. I had been a good girl that week, and I asked Master a favor. He put on His suit for me, and I remember staring at Him in awe. How devilishly handsome he looked. He had me kneel on the floor and lean … Read moreSuit


I have recently joined Sinful Sunday and I figured why not start off with an older picture of mine that brings back fond memories? This was taken shortly after the first time Master performed needle play on me and I was floating in subspace. How will you be sinful this Sunday? Whore Me Out! ;D

The Chamber

Ever since a few of our friends talked about this really cool kink shop in Columbus, Ohio, Master and I have been wanting to check it out for ourselves. Two years have passed since we first heard about The Chamber, and it seemed like even though we have tentatively planned to go, our chances of … Read moreThe Chamber