I’ve Got the “Blah’s”

Happy New Year everyone! I know, I know. I’m two weeks late on this, but better late than never, right? I know in my latest post I said I’d be posting less frequently, but I didn’t think it would be this bad for me. Then again, I didn’t think about a lot of things that has been happening for me…

For instance, work has dumped a ton of issues on me and I’m left by my freaking self to tend to it all when I typically have help from another staff member. She’s been out recovering from surgery, and the help I’m supposed to get is only sub-par in the reliable division. So that leaves the full workload upon my shoulders and I’ve passed my threshold of sanity on that. I mean I broke down crying at work last week and I NEVER let my emotions get in the way of my job. Even my co-workers were surprised, stating that they were amazed at how well I had been handling everything and how I seemed to be doing it flawlessly.

On the inside? I’m cracking. Rather, I already cracked and now on the mend.

It’s not too bad though. I was already sick that week too, so I think between having the workload, being sick and exhausted all day long, and having to pull extra hours, I buckled under the pressure. Luckily for me, my supervisor understood and left me off work on Friday so I ended up with a three day weekend to rest and recuperate.

I also received some much needed TLC from Master last weekend in which He beat me into a sweet lulled space that had me floating for an hour after we were done. I typically love stingy pain over thuddy pain, but the thud really hit a spot and made me swoon for Master. It brought me to a place I needed to be where I owned a peace of mind again and my thoughts and worries floated away into the abyss.

I’m unsure what 2014 has in store of Master and myself, but I sure hope it’s better than the stress I have head to deal with lately. I do not enjoy longer hours at the office when that could be spent either sleeping or spending time with Master. I especially don’t appreciate how exhausted I am at the end of the day and how my brain pretty much feels fried.

I have picked up a new routine with Master, however, that I think is both physically and mentally stimulating. I ordered Focus T25 and have been doing those work outs every evening with Master and it has helped relieve an enormous amount of stress. So far I haven’t noticed too much change in my body with these work outs, but I have noticed that while my scale says I still weight the same, my clothes are fitting a little looser than they were last week. I suppose I’m building muscle at this point. We shall see where that goes too.

Anyways, that’s my update for now. Hope everyone has had a better start to the year than I have and I hope you all are doing great. See you soon!