Master’s Fuck Toy

I awoke early Saturday morning. The sun was just rising casting rays of sunlight through the thick morning fog I noted outside of my bedroom window. I looked at the clock on the other side of my room and noted it was 7:30 a.m. I followed my usual routine if calling Master and letting Him know I was awake. I got dressed and ready for a much needed day of being alone with Master.

He picked me up from my house shortly after 8 and we started our morning with a hot home meal breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausages and waffles just for Master. After breakfast we made our way upstairs to the shower. We don’t take showers together very often, but when we do something interesting always happens. This time was no different.

We started our shower like normal, washing our hair and taking turns of who was under the warm stream of water. Master grabbed for the body wash and wash sponge He always uses, but I quickly grabbed it from His hands.

“No, Master. Let me.”

He smiled and turned around so that His back was facing me. I lathered up the body wash on the sponge and started gently cleansing Master’s body. I ran it all over Him, starting with His back and working my way down to His buttocks. I made sure to clean every inch of His body. I knelt before Him on the bath tub floor and placed His right foot upon my thigh as I cleansed His leg and foot. Once I was done with His right leg, He switched off to His left leg and I repeated the same gestures.

He watched me intently as I cleaned Him off. His eyes were filled with that familiar look of “I’m going to fuck you soon”. I looked right in front of my face and saw that Master was fully erect and I could see His cock pulsating ever so slightly as the blood continued to pump into it. I continued washing Master’s body, despite the urge I had to start sucking Him off. Master helped me off of my knees as He rinsed Himself off under the shower head.

“Now it’s your turn. Turn around.”

Master returned the favor of washing my body. He was a little more rough with me than I was with Him, but I didn’t mind. I like it when He is rough with my body. He scrubbed at my body, making sure to clean every inch of my body. When He got around to my cunt and ass, He was particularly rough with me down there. I felt a soapy finger insert into my back hole. He turned His finger around in me and pumped it in and out. I gasped and cried out a little.

“I’ve got to make sure you’re nice and clean for me. Now hold still.”

He scrubbed at my hole some more and I gritted my teeth a little. He removed His finger and rinsed it off before moving to clean my cunt.

“Pop your ass out more.” He pushed me up against the wall and applied mild pressure to my back, causing my back to arch for Him. He ran His hands between my nether lips and made sure to clean me up really well. He let water pool into His hand below my cunt and smacked it hard against me. I lurched forward a little bit, but regained posture and let Him continue cleaning me the way He saw fit.

Once He was finished cleaning me He turned me around to face Him and pressed my back up against the ice cold tiles on the wall. I seized up at the moment, shocked from the chilling cold that permeated my skin down to the bone. Master leaned in and kissed my lips hard. He groped at my breasts which were still slippery from the body wash He used on me. His fingers found my pierced nipples and started to pinch lightly. I felt my flesh being pressed against the metal bar going through my nipple and instantly felt my body melt.

With each pinch and slight twist Master made on my nipples, my breathing became heavier and heavier. I closed my eyes and sunk into the pain, breathing it all in. When I opened my eyes back up, Master was staring at me. His eyes spoke sadistic danger was soon to follow, and it only made me anticipate Him having His way with me even more. He stopped teasing my nipples only to place a firm hand upon my head.

“On your knees, whore.”

His voice was deep and menacing. He pushed me onto my knees and grabbed a fistful of my soaking wet hair before plunging His cock deep into my throat. He held me in place as I struggled to breath past His cock which was now obstructing my airway. I struggled below Him, trying to gasp for air, but He held my close for just a few more seconds longer. As soon as He pulled out of my mouth I gagged hard and choked and coughed on the very air I breathe. I felt tears well up in my eyes, but I only pleaded for more of this attention. He shoved His cock back into my mouth and started fucking my face hard.

I gagged some more on His cock and even felt that familiar urge in the pit of my stomach that I may vomit soon. Master sensed this and lifted me from His cock again to let me regain my senses and breath again.

“You’re going to make me cum like this, and you better take all of my cum in your mouth.”

He shoved His cock in my mouth again and I sucked and licked at His cock just the way He liked it. I twirled my tongue around His shaft and sucked tenderly on it. Within minutes of doing this, I felt Master thrusting His hips, signaling to me that He was on the verge of climax. I continued pleasing Master with my orifice until I felt His cock began to pulsate. I wrapped my lips tight around the head of His cock just in time as His seed burst into my mouth. It was hot and sticky. It pooled in my mouth under my tongue and I tasted the sweetness of Master’s cum.

Master withdrew His cock from my mouth and I looked up at Him with as much as a smile as I could while trying to hold His cum in my mouth.

“Open. Let me see.”

I opened my mouth wide and pooled all of His cum onto my tongue.

“Mmm… Good girl. You may spit it out now.”

I crawled over to the drain and let the cum drip out of my mouth. When I closed my mouth I ended up swallowing a little bit of His cum that was left in my mouth and actually froze in place.

“Anastassia? Are you okay?”

“Yeah… I… I think so.”

“What happened?”

“I… swallowed some of your cum, Sir.”

I kind of stared off at the wall, slightly mortified, but a sense of accomplishment quickly followed. I was actually able to swallow some His cum without gagging or throwing up like I had always feared I would.

Master told me He was proud of me and we got out of the shower shortly after that. Most of our day ended up getting ripped from us as my father hurt his back on Friday night and needed me to mow the lawn and weed eat. Master and I spent a good 4 hours doing that and other yard work that my dad should have done, but didn’t. We eventually left there around 5 and went back to Master’s house.

We finally got around to spray painting the spreader bar that Master made nearly a year ago (purple! My favorite color. Also it will go well with my purple cuffs!). While we let it dry we went out to dinner. On the car ride home Master softly touched my lips with His thumb.

“I can’t want to get home and fuck that pretty little mouth of yours.”

His words sent shudders down my spine and a blush quickly painted my cheeks. I pondered all the wonderful things Master was going to do to me once we got back to the house. I had hinted at Him several times throughout the day that I deserved a good ass beating.

Upon arriving at the house Master grabbed my arm before I could leave the car.

“You will go upstairs and strip down for me. Clean off the bed and set out anything you’d like form me to use on you tonight.”

“Yes, Master!” I replied enthusiastically.

I ran up the two flights of stairs into the bedroom and started pulling out everything we might need. When Master finally made His way up the stairs, I heard His foot steps stop just at the door way. I was on my hands and knees digging through the night stand drawer, with of course, my ass and cunt fully exposed to the door way. I turned my torso so that I could look back at Master.

“Yes, Sir?”

“Nothing… Just enjoying the view. Now lay flat on your back. You’re going to be my table for a moment.”

I did as He ordered and flattened myself out on the bed. He rolled out the towel that holds all of our hitting implements and gathered the ones He wanted to use on me. Once He was done, He set everything off to the side.

“Turn over onto your stomach and get comfortable.”

I did as I was told and got myself mentally prepared for the ass beating I was in for. What I didn’t expect was how rough Master was about to be with me.

He brought out the routan and began drumming it along my ass. The stinging sensation made me sink into the bed. He picked up the pace and then He started hitting harder.


It came down hard on my ass and made me jump.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

He was relentless. I felt my ass grow hot from the hitting and I began to squirm beneath Him.

“Hold still!”

I squirmed more

“Master! Please! No!” I cried out.

Thwack! Thwack! ThwackThwackThwack! 


“I’m not hearing a safe word~!” He taunted me and laughed as He brought it down on my ass repeatedly.

Words failed me for a few minutes as I took more lashes from Him. Finally a word came to mind.


I grabbed my ass and felt the heat radiating off of it. Master gave me a few minutes to regain myself before He switched to the Dragon’s Tail. This brought on a whole new level of pain. I felt the soft leather bite into my flesh repeatedly. I wriggled and squirmed, but Master held my back down as He pelted my ass with it. I felt my ass swell from the beating it was taking.

Master switched it up on my again and brought out the crop.

Swish, Smack!

He brought it down so hard on my ass that it whistled through the air before landing firmly on my right ass cheek. I cried out in lovely pain.

“Ah~! Master!! Please!”

My words failed Him as He continued to give me the ass beating like I’ve never experienced before. I heard the crop break through the air again as it came down hard on my left cheek this time. I tried wriggling away from Him, but this time He had a better way of keeping me in place. He grabbed my collar and held it firmly in His hand. He forced me to look at Him directly in the eyes as He continued to punish my ass with the crop, staring deep into my eyes.

I looked away for only a split second and noticed that Master’s cock was erect and pushing hard against His jeans.

“Oh, you noticed? Are you ready for my cock?”

I looked up at Him, “I’m always ready for your cock, Sir.”

He smirked at me, “Good. Now get into position.”

I got up on my hands and knees and prepared myself for Him. I heard the zipper to His pants come undone and a soft flop as He tossed His jeans off to the side. I felt Him get on the bed behind me. He placed His hands on my swollen ass cheeks and gripped them firmly. I cried out in pain and just as I did He rammed into me hard and fast.

Master ran His hand up my back up to my head and gripped my hair tight within His fist. He pulled on my hair and slammed into me repeatedly. When He grew tired of grasping my hair, His hand found my collar once more and He pulled it against my throat, slightly choking me of air as He fucked me with all of His strength.

I gasped for air, and pleaded Him with my body to continue what He was doing to me. I reveled in this hard fucking and the lack of air I was receiving. Master withdrew from me and turned me over on my back before re-entering me.

“I wonder….” He said as He thrust into me. “How would you like it if I closed my hands around your throat as you came?”

Admittedly, the thought alone brought me that much closer to orgasm, and I think Master sensed this because just as I was about to explode around His cock, He wrapped both of His hands around my throat and closed my air way off.

I felt my muscles pulsate and squeeze around His cock as I came harder than I ever have before. Master kept thrusting into me harder and harder. I started choking and gasping for air, so Master finally let me catch my breath.

“How was that, slut?”

“I loved it, Master.”

“Good, cause I’m not done with you yet!”

He closed His hands around my throat again and this sent me into another orgasm. MY eyes rolled into the back of my head and everything got fuzzy. I think this is what brought Master over the edge Himself because within seconds of that moment He came hard inside of me. His hands loosened around my throat and He collapsed on top of me.

We were both breathing hard and limp from the experience. Master stayed on top of me for some time while I ran my fingers through His hair. I closed my eyes and drank in the emotions that were going through me. Eventually Master rolled off of me and laid next to me. We cuddled each other and fell asleep that way for about an hour.

I am ecstatic that Master has been really letting go into His more dominant side. It makes me level headed and really keeps me in a wonderful head space.

I am one lucky fuck toy.