A Challenge and a Reward

After a long grueling week of work, Friday evening had finally arrived. Once again, Master and I found ourselves exhausted and wanting some extra time to ourselves. We spend a lot of our free time hanging out with friends and being active during the week that we have little time for intimacy until the weekends.

Upon getting home, we both went upstairs and I had a little surprise in store for Master. I kissed Him tenderly, holding Him close as I started loving on Him with touches and kisses that we had to catch up on from our busy week. I guided Master onto His chair in the middle of the room and knelt down between His legs. While I unbuttoned and unzipped His pants, Master sunk down into the chair, leaning His head back as He relaxed all of the muscles in His body.

I pulled out Master’s cock and took Him into my mouth. I sucked on His cock ever so gingerly. Making sure to pay close attention to every inch of His length. A few sighs escaped His throat as I took all of Him deep into my throat. He reached over and placed a firm hand on my head and held me still to keep His cock in my throat. I felt that all-too-familiar gagging feeling pit up in my throat, but I resisted the urge and continued to let it sit there.

After about a minute of that, He finally let me resume my duties of pleasuring Him with my mouth. I licked the bottom of His shaft from the base all the length up to the tip. Slowly, I took His cock back into my mouth and glided my lips down halfway and then back up to the tip again. I repeated this a few times and added in a few tender kisses to this blow job that was bringing Master to the edge.

Just as Master was close to climaxing, I stopped. I don’t know what compelled me to do so, but I did. The look on His face said it all, but He made sure I knew His disappointment anyways.

“You… fucking… tease…” His eyes showed a slight twinge of anger, but mostly unfulfilled lust.

“You will pay for this. I’m right on the edge. We’re going to go get dinner… and then you are going to make me cum later with your mouth only.”

“That won’t be too hard.” I said in a very cocky tone. I knew I was pushing it, somewhere deep inside, but I guess I just really enjoy getting Master worked up at times for the fun of it. Luckily for me these things never happen very often, or else I’d be in a lot of trouble most of the time.

Master put Himself away beneath His jeans and we left the house to go grab us a bite to eat. After we ate we resumed activities, but here is where a twist came in. Master started digging around in the closet and brought out our handcuffs, and the brand new blind fold I bought last weekend.

“Hands behind your back, you little slut.” He gave emphasis on the word ‘slut’ and I knew, in that moment, that I had really screwed up.

I obeyed and placed my hands behind my back where He cuffed them into place. He walked around me and picked up the blind fold. As He started to blind fold me He gave me my objective for the evening.

“You are to make me cum this evening with your mouth alone. If you don’t make me cum, you will not be allowed to cum tomorrow when I fuck you, or tonight. You will not be using your hands at all, and the best part?” He latched the blind fold in place, nice and tight.

“You have to find my cock first!” I heard the familiar sound of His zipper being undone and His Pants falling to the floor. I heard Him walking around the room, making circles and pacing, trying to confuse me, but What Master doesn’t realize is that I have always been a good listener. I heard every sound His body made as He tried to silently move about the room. I’m almost certain I was keeping my blind eyes on Him with every move He made. I think I only lost Him twice when the room fell completely silent. I listened harder. I could barely pinpoint it, but I heard Him breathing. I heard every inhale and exhale, and I started walking in that direction. It didn’t take me long to figure out that He was sitting in the chair. I knelt down on the floor and shimmied my way to His legs.

I felt the heat radiating off His body. A small smile decorated my lips as I knew I had found Him. I edged my face closer to Him, knowing I was very close to His cock, but instead of my lips touching the tip of His cock, I found my lips pressed against His lower part of His torso and my breasts up against His cock instead.

“Aww~! I thought you said this was going to be easy,” He taunted me, “You have to put my cock in your mouth.” He said it in a tone as if to say ‘Silly girl, what are you doing?’

I found myself slightly laughing at this, but also a tad annoyed. I knew I deserved it, so I bit my tongue and continued my attempt at finding His cock. I slid my body down some more until my mouth reached the tip of His member. I felt victorious on the inside and went straight to work.

‘This will be easy…’ I thought to myself as I started sucking and swirling His cock around in my mouth. I bobbed my head and worked His shaft like I never had before. I was so high in my confidence an pride that I would be able to make Him cum in no time that I used up a lot of my energy in a short amount of time. My whole body was working on this. On making Master cum.

“Don’t forget, slave. You have to catch every last drop in your mouth. If you don’t… then I guess you won’t get to cum…” Another taunt, but a sincere one at that.

I had been on my knees for what felt like forever. My thighs began aching and the muscles in my back tensed up as I had to balance myself with my legs only. My hands were still cuffed behind my back and my arms began to ache as well. I felt determined, though, and continued to pleasure Master with all of the strength I had in me. I actually had to take a breather at one point because I had started losing my breath with how into it I was getting.

“Not as easy as you think, is it?” I could hear Master smiling through His words, and I knew He was holding back. He was resisting the urge to cum, and I felt my pride starting to slip away. After I regained my breath, I went back to sucking His cock. I licked every inch of His cock and swirled my tongue around the head. I was bound and determined to make my Master cum. Before I knew it, though, I had to take another break again. I was floored. I have never had a problem with keeping up stamina to please my Master, but I guess having my arms bound behind my back actually makes all the difference nit he world.

My back began to ache even more and my thighs were screaming at me. I needed to stand up, and Master sensed this.

“Do you need up?”

“Yes, Sir… please…” I begged, even though I know it probably wasn’t necessary.

Master stood up and walked around me. He tried lifting me up by my arms to stand on my feet, but it just wasn’t possible at this point. “Here. Let me take the cuffs off so you can balance yourself and get on your feet.”

He grabbed the key and released me from my bonds. I felt around with my hands until I found the seat of the chair and hoisted myself onto my feet. My legs trembled and I felt blood flow return to my legs. I sat down on the chair myself and stretched my legs out.  Master walked up to me and pressed the tip of His cock against my lips. Without hesitation I took Him back into my mouth again. I kept my hands at my sides, knowing that I still was not allowed to use my hands while I pleasured Master.

“Let it be known that I can actually resist you and that I can make a blow job challenging for you. You are not in control here. I am.” He thrust His hips, pushing His cock deep into my throat, pumping it in and out of my mouth. Faster and faster, He would fuck my mouth and I tightened my lips around His cock.

“Are you ready for my cum, you little whore?”

I made a muffled noise as to let Him know I was ready. I felt nervous in these last moments. I had only ever caught Masters cum in my mouth once before in my life. What if I couldn’t do it again? I felt a little sick ot my stomach, but I pushed through that feeling just in time. Before I knew it, Master’s cock was pumping His warm thick seed into my mouth. I felt it pulsate in my mouth as every last bit of His cum poured into my mouth, filling me up. It tasted just like before. It had almost a sweet taste to it. Not salty like it had been in the past.

Master slowly removed His cock from my mouth. I felt a drop of it flow over my bottom lip onto my chin where it stopped. I swirled His cum in my mouth, savoring the flavor of it. I pondered for a moment about swallowing it, but I’m still not at the point to where I could actually handle doing that. The texture is still too gooey for me to attempt it. The thought, though, was exciting. Master placed a paper towel up to my mouth.

“You may spit it out now. It’s okay.”

I hesitated, but I ended up pushing all of His cum onto the paper towel with my tongue.

“Do you want to see how much you took into your mouth?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Master unlocked my blond fold and held out the paper towel. It’s hard to describe volume amounts, but the best way I can describe the amount is that it would have filled up most of a small Dixie cup, like that kind you put in your bathroom for mouth wash and stuff.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it is. I was shocked at how much I was able to hold in my mouth, but I felt a sense of accomplishment and humbleness over come me.

Master sat down on the bed as I stayed seated in the chair, looking at Him.

“You can not let your pride get in the way. Especially when it is meant to serve me. You are to show me respect and humility, not pride. As my slave, you should never get cocky. Is that understood?”

I nodded my head and replied quietly, “Yes, Sir.” I felt so humbled. I felt like I was in my “place” so to speak. I am Master’s slave. His property, and His cum whore. I learned I should never challenge Him. That He can, and does, have the upper hand int his relationship. I know my reward was that I was allowed to orgasm this weekend, since I did exactly as I was told, but I feel the reward I truly received was that of knowing where I lie in Master’s life. I am His servant. His property to do with as He pleases. A slave who is humbled at worshiping and serving her Master. That is the greatest reward a slave could have.