The Chamber

Ever since a few of our friends talked about this really cool kink shop in Columbus, Ohio, Master and I have been wanting to check it out for ourselves. Two years have passed since we first heard about The Chamber, and it seemed like even though we have tentatively planned to go, our chances of ever actually making it there were slim to none.

That is until this year.

Master and I sat down and really calculated out the amount of money it would take for this trip to happen and thanks to me having a full time job now in the medical field, we could finally afford it! We talked about it off and on since April, but we never actually set a date. It would be fair to say that because we never set a date, I was feeling like this year as going to be just like the last year. We’d talk and talk, but it just wouldn’t get accomplished. Last weekend, however, everything looked up when Master and I started talking about it seriously again.

“How about next weekend? Neither of us work, and we’ll both be getting paid…” I said to Master with hopeful eyes.

“Sure. I don’t see why not.”

We finally had a date! Now I’m sure by now you all are wondering “Why is this place so special?” It’s not that it’s necessarily “special”, but because we have heard nothing but good things of this particular store and we heard that they sell certain items that you would normally find online instead of a shop on the side of the street. Plus it gave us a reason to get out of town for once, which we absolutely love.

We woke up early yesterday morning and set out for our destination around 9:00 a.m. The drive there was not really too entertaining, but like usual I had to fondle Master a few times while He was driving. I would slide my hand over his leg and onto his groin and gently rub it. Master would just smile and shake His head. I think He finds it funny that I can’t seem to resist toying with Him while He can’t really do anything… Aside from telling me “No”.

After three hours of driving with only two stops, we finally made it to our destination. The Chamber. We walked up to the shop and noticed that the two sister shops it had were on either side of it. One of them had a sex doll in the window and you could clearly see the nipples and busty boobs on it. Completely uncovered.

“Wow… I don’t know of anywhere else you’ll see something like this so openly displayed in public…” I said as I grinned from ear to ear while looking at Master.

“No kidding.”

“I already know I’m going to love this place….”

We walked up to the door and I made no hesitations. I was the first one in the shop of the two of us and as soon as I even caught a glimpse of the wall inside I fell in love instantly. Displayed on the wall was books, paddles, whips, dragon tails, canes, blind folds, leather cuffs, cock rings, anal plugs, gags, and tons of other kinky goodies. The best part about it? These weren’t your dainty little flimsy toys either. These were high quality and made out of genuine leathers and thick slabs of wood. My mouth opened in shock to see that these items were actually on display in a store. At the Lion’s Den near where we live, the closest thing you get to really kinky stuff are these el-cheapo paddles and crops. Occasionally you’ll find something awesome there, but for the most part it’s dildo’s and vibrators.

The manager of the shop was working there as well and she was just the coolest person ever. She had no qualms of answering our questions and talking to us about the things we had in mind. There were also a whole row of glass cases. In the first one was all about violet wand items., the next one has metal anal toys, like hooks for example. I really wish we had gotten one of the anal hooks I saw there, but sadly Master didn’t feel comfortable with that just yet, so we skipped on getting it.

We browsed the shop and I lusted over almost everything I saw in there, but Master and I finally settled down on a few things we both knew we just couldn’t leave the store without. So this brings us to my favorite part of most of my posts. The show and tell part! Because I’d much rather show you all what it is than try to explain it. ;

This is the Dragon Tale that Master and I purchased. It’s not too big since Master is a first time user. I love it!

We, of course, took the chance to test this now toy of ours out, and I have to say this is by far one of my favorite toys as far as hitting implements go.

As you can see it has left some nice welts! This picture does not do them justice, sadly.

That leather strap on my back has built in loops that you can loop a collar through, and connect cuffs to. So the end result is this. A slave who can’t fight back! ;D

Finally, I have the blind fold I have lusted over for the last few years! I’m never going back to another blind fold again!

We also got me a pair of mandible clamps, and I purchased a book about protocol. As you can tell we have already had a little bit of fun with our new toys, but the real fun is just around the corner in the near future.  I mostly wanted to make this post to show you all the cool new stuff we got and to kind of promote The Chamber. Seriously, if any of you are ever in the Columbus area of Ohio, go check this place out. It is well worth the trip.

Now if only we could get an extremely kink friendly shop like that in town. Haha I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Till next time! <3