Toy Review Saturday: “The Loop”

So I’m starting a new segment of my blog where each Saturday I will review a toy Master and I own, hence the title of this post!

Today, I’m reviewing a hitting implement we call “the loop”. We don’t really know the name of this item as we bought it from a vendor at a party we went to back in March of this year, so the shape of this item is why we gave it this name.

I love getting spanked and whipped, so this item really gives me everything I want when it comes to a hitting implement. It is a solid mix between a thud and a sting. The initial bite of this toy against my flesh is something to be delighted if you love pain. It’s one of my favorite toys and it’s especially fun to be on the receiving end when Master hits me with this out of nowhere.

Don’t let this fool you, though, it can pack a wallop if you can swing hard enough. This toy is not recommended for those who don’t like a mix of thuddy and stingy pain, and it is not for those who prefer light pain. It really takes a pain slut (in my opinion) to handle a beating from this toy, because with each hit, it hurts more and more.

Here is a picture of the type of marks this toy leaves. ^.^ We tested it out on me this afternoon just for this post. So these marks are still on my bottom, and my bottom is still warm.


  1. This is a really fantastic toy if you love pain.
  2. There is an even feeling of sting and thud mixed into this toy when being hit by it.
  3. It’s small and easy to store/hide.
  4. Easy to make if you want to make one yourself. Just use plasti-dip for the handle and nylon coated wire rope.


  1. Not recommended for those who enjoy light pain over heavy pain.

So there you have it! ^.^

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