Lately life has been kind of throwing us for a loop. Work has been incredibly rough and busy, and Master’s classes are getting busier for Him as well. On top of that, my great grandmother has not been doing too well health wise, so that has been on the forefront of my mind all week this week.

I’m incredibly lucky, though, to have my Master. Despite His stresses, He is always here for me trying to comfort me and keep me level headed. Earlier last week He had me work on my posture when sitting and walking. This may not sound like much, but going through this after a long, hard day of work really helped me relax and come down from it all.

He placed a book on the top of my head.

“I want you to keep your back straight and walk towards me. If that book falls of your head, you will be punished. Now walk towards me.”

I kept my head level and took one step forward, then another. I took my time walking across the room to Master, making sure my feet were placed one in front of the other. I maintained perfect balance with my head held high and my back straight as I approached Master.

“Good girl. Now lets see if you can go faster. Keep up with me, and make sure you don’t let that book fall. No touching it either. That would be cheating.”

“Yes, Master.”

No sooner than I uttered those words Master took off through the house at a decently fast pace. I immediately took off after Him. Careful to keep myself standing tall and walking with as much poise as one could while walking fast. As I followed Him through the house, I felt the book slip on my head a few times, but I was able to correct myself and made my way to the front room where Master stood.

“You have a nice natural posture. Good girl. Now kneel.”

“With the book on my head?!”

“Yes, with the book on your head. Do you honestly think we wouldn’t practice this either?” He smiled at me with that gleam He typically gets in His eyes when He is about to see me struggle.

“Okay.. I’ll try, Sir.”

I was a little uneasy, because when kneeling I can sometimes be clumsy and just fall to me knees. It’s not like I do this on purpose, either. For some reason when I go from standing to kneeling (and vice versa) I seem to lose my center of balance easily. Master knows this and I’m certain that is why He tested me so soon.

I stood there for a second, looking at Master as I thought of how I could pull this off without letting the book fall off my head. Then it hit me. I took my left leg and carefully bent it till I was down on that knee. I then took my right leg and tucked it underneath my bottom till I was sitting in a kneeling position in front of Master. The book shifted once more atop my head, but I successfully kept it on my head without it falling.

Master bent down and took the book off of my head, placed His hand under my chin and lifted my head so I was looking up at Him.

“Good job, slave. I’m proud of you.”

He leaned in and kissed me gingerly on the lips. He pressed His lips harder against mine and pushed His tongue into my mouth to initiate a passionate kiss between us. Just as I felt myself slipping away, getting drunk on His kiss, He pulled away from me and placed the book on my head again.

“Now rise and go to the back room and sit on the chair. Once more, you are to not let this book fall. Go.”

I walked at an even fast pace to the back of the house. My steps were light and I walked fluidly without skipping a beat. When I made it to the back room, there was one of the dinning table chairs pulled out. I made my way to it, stood in front of it and sat down with my posture as straight as I could keep it. Again the book tipped a little bit, but I managed to never let it drop off my head.

“I’m very proud of you. It seems you have great posture, but we need to work on it a bit and make sure it is as close to perfect as possible. Next time we do this, you will be wearing heels.”

I gulped at this notion. “Heels?!”

Master smirked at me, “Yes, Anastassia. Heels. It will be a little more difficult for you, and I want you in heels more often anyways. Practice makes perfect!”

Despite being slightly nervous for my next attempt in the near future, I felt at peace. All the stress of that day was gone by this simple display of servitude to Master. I was back in my normal head space again thanks to Master reminding me of my place as His slave. I’m ever so thankful for Him and His gestures.

Last night, though, He reminded me again of my place, but this was completely different than last weeks drill. My father told us there was supposed to be an eclipse around 7:50 last night, so around 7:30 Master and I took off to a nearby hill where we would have a perfect view of the sky.

Once Master parked the car, He opened the trunk of the car and we sat in the back, watching the moon. Sadly, we were next to a car dealership and a restaurant. So even though we were in a somewhat dim spot on the side of the hill, The lights were a tad blinding.

We sat together talking about the moon phases and how pretty the sky looked. I huddled close to Master as the cold air was starting to chill me to the bone. I watched as fog came rolling out of Master’s mouth with each exhale. I found myself at peace with Him. Then Master spoke up.

“We’re not leaving this spot till you suck me off.”


“You heard me. I want to fuck your mouth.”

“But Master! There are people walking around over there!” I looked over at the parking lot of the dealership and saw a couple walking around looking at the cars. “They could see us! What if they call the cops?!”

I felt nervous, but I felt the familiar stirrings inside me that I was becoming aroused at the idea of being caught pleasing Master with my mouth.

“We’ll be fine. Now stand up in front of me.”

I got out of the car and stood in front of Master like He instructed. I could see Him pretty well from the lights across the parking lot. I watched Him as He unbuttoned and unzipped His pants. His cock emerged, fully erect. I felt my mouth water and my nether lips grow wet from excitement.

“Now suck on my cock.”

I hesitated and looked around to see if anyone was looking. I watched for cars that may pass by.

“Now, Anastassia!”

I squirmed but knelt down and took His cock into my mouth. I sucked on it for a few seconds, but withdrew.

“I’m not done. Get back here!”

He grabbed me by the back of my head and forced me down on His cock. I gagged a little, but continued to suck on Him. I felt my nervousness grow, but with that grew my arousal. He pulled me off of His cock and put it away.

“What is it, Sir?”

“They saw.”

“Who?!” I felt panic rise in me.

“That couple. They are looking right at us.”

Master was as calm as ever as He buttoned and zipped up His pants. He closed the truck of the car and we both sat in the front seat. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks with a furious blush like I had never felt before.

“Admit it. You liked it. You liked getting caught sucking on my cock like the dirty slut you are.”

As if it wasn’t possible, I managed to blush even harder at this.

I did enjoy it, though. As we drove off the hill, the couple who had seen us watched our car as we drove off. I was honestly terrified that they would call the cops on us, but we went back home and were perfectly fine. Master let me sleep for a little while after we got home, but after a while He woke me up to use me.

I felt His hand touch my face as He startled me awake.

“You’re such a sexy whore.”

He grabbed my pants and pulled them off of me. I was still half asleep and completely willing to let Him do whatever He wanted to me. He pushed His cock in me and fucked me into an orgasm in minutes. I think despite being asleep I was still aroused from the excitement at the parking lot.

Master pushed deep inside of me with a final hard thrust and came within me. I felt His hot seed pump into me and imagined for a moment that we were back in the parking lot again. That anyone could see us as He used me for His pleasure. I slipped into another orgasm and clenched around His throbbing cock.

Master kissed me deeply as He withdrew from me.

“You’re such a good girl.”

I melted into His voice and words. I am a good girl. A good slut for Master. I love the way He always puts me in my place. Whether it’s sexual or mental, He always knows the right ways to work me.

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