Proclamation of Servitude.

I, Anastassia, now swear upon my entire being the following:

  1. I will from here on out be referred to by my Master as Anastassia, slut, bitch, whore, slave, cunt, and any other name that my Master wishes to call me by.
  2. I will cook for my Master whether he tells me to or not.
  3. I will ask Master if he wants me to get him anything whenever I get up to get something for myself.
  4. When bringing Master something, I will kneel (or stand) before him and present the item(s) in both hands to him. I will not get up, move, or sit down until ordered to.
  5. I take responsibility for cleaning and storing toys and equipment after use.
  6. I will do my best to anticipate any and all of Master’s needs.
  7. I will put Masters needs before my own.
  8. Once a week I will meditate on what it means to be a slave, serve my Master, on my own actions, and on ways I can improve myself.

I will live by the rules under the following topics:


  1. I will dress in what Master deems appropriate, if Master is not there to decide what I should wear, I will wear what would please my Master.
  2. I will shave on a regular basis for Master’s viewing pleasure.


  1. I will always act like a proper lady for Master. I will practice proper posture and speech.
  2. I will present myself with proper etiquette.
  3. I will not use profanity.


  1. I must always be prepared for sex whenever my Master wants me.


  1. I will remain positive and patient.
  2. If I am agitated, I will present my problem to my Master in a calm manner so we can reach an outcome in a quick, peaceful manner.


  1. I will kneel before Master when he first enters the room. I will not sit down until I get permission from Master.
  2. When Master arrives I will greet him at the door and help him remove his shoes or any other articles he needs assistance with.
  3. I will make sure to complete chores each week.

When Talking to Others

  1. When talking to other people, or around other people, I will not correct Master unless he asks for clarification. I will not undermine him in any way.
  2. If I am close enough I will lightly hold Master’s left hand while he is talking and when he gives me an order, I will lightly squeeze his hand once to indicate “Yes, Sir” or twice to indicate “May I not do that, Sir?”

When Talking to Master

  1. If I have any questions, I will kneel before Masters feet and present my question.
  2. When addressing Master, I will call him “Sir” or “Master” as often and as frequently as possible.

I understand and accept that this contract is subject to revision and change as Master sees fit.

I, Anastassia, promise my body, my mind, and my servitude to my Master for as long as I remain collared and his.

*By signing this document, I agree to serve Master in every way and I recognize that it is a binding contract that gives ownership to my Master.