Nox the Night Drake Toy Review

Hello everyone! As some of you may already know, I have really been anticipating making this toy review. This is my first ever Bad Dragon dildo and experiencing this toy has made me want more. Enough of my gushing, though. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

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First of all, I have never been a huge fan of dildos. I do own a few (mostly glass) dildos and they are nice, but there is minimal play involved with them. With this one I wouldn’t mind Master adding it in a scene every so often. In fact I would encourage it. This toy is very squishy and movable. It has a nice give so penetration is not too much of an issue.

Speaking of penetration, if you’re anything like me chances are your vagina is on the tight side and items with a decent amount of girth makes it painful for penetration. Luckily there is lube and this item is squishy enough that pain is not much of an issue. I mostly felt “full” with this inside of me. As far as anal penetration goes, I honestly do not know regarding this toy. I’m still working up my standards with anal penetration, so it will be quite some time before I even entertain the idea of getting something this big in my back door. I will say though, (for health reasons) it is probably best to not do anal penetration with a dildo that has a cum feature. There is an opening at the tip of this dildo for the cum lube option, which is how I customized it. If using an item like this for anal penetration, you risk getting natural intestinal bacteria (e-coli) in the item itself and wouldn’t want to cause yourself any infections if it goes into other orifices (AKA: Vagina or mouth). Bacteria loves to grow in dark damp places and cleaning the inside of this particular item is not easy. So do keep this in mind.

I mentioned customization in my last paragraph, so let’s cover this. Bad Dragon’s site lists off all of their dildos, all of which you can customize how you will like it. You can make it any color combinations you want. Most items you can choose between small, medium, and large. Some even have an extra large option. This particular item only comes in a medium size for now, but that may be changing in the future. This site also gives you the option of it being a regular dildo or one that cums. I of course chose to be more outgoing with my first BD dildo and opted for the cumming feature. Along with all of this, you can choose how hard or squishy you want your dildo to be. I chose medium density so that it has a bit of give and isn’t too hard on me for penetration.

As I stated, this particular dildo I purchased came with a cum feature. I also purchased some cum lube from BD to go along with this. The cum lube simulates real cum very well. You’d almost think you were getting filled up with real cum. It’s crazy how well they have done with this feature alone. The texture and consistency of the lube is almost spot on with actual cum, so when using this option in penetration you can actually simulate ejaculation very well. This item also came with a syringe in which you attach the cum tube up to and pour in the cum lube. This is how you can simulate ejaculation.

So now that I have probably sold you on this product (I kid, or maybe not? Up to you) let’s go over clean up and how messy this can be. I shall start with the cum lube as this is the messiest feature of this toy. If you are going to use cum lube, it is best to lay a tarp or drop cloth underneath you because this is indeed messy lube. It will get everywhere. Master and I used a drop cloth underneath me when using this item for the first time. It saved us the hassle of trying to clean it off of the bed and we (in turn) did not have to change the sheets.

Because this lube has the consistency of actual cum, I suggest cleaning it up with a paper towel or toilet paper. I tried using a warm wash cloth when cleaning it off of me and rinsing the cloth of the cum lube proved to be time consuming. In my opinion it is much easier to just use toilet paper and throw it away.

Cleaning the actual dildo, cum tube, and syringe is a lot easier though. For this section I am giving Master’s input and closing it in quotations.

Step 1: Make sure the plunger for the syringe is all the way down in the tube to ensure there is no more cum lube inside of it.

Step 2: Remove the syringe from the tube, fill the syringe full of water. Reattach the tube to the syringe and flush the water through the tube and dildo to expel any residual cum lube. Repeat this two or three times.

Step 3: Draw the plunger back up to bring any air through the tube and dildo, facing the syringe down (so any water sucked up will be expelled), push the plunger down to rid the syringe, tube, and dildo of excess water.

As for cleaning the outside of the dildo I always make sure to use a toy cleaner meant for items like this. They have an anti-bacterial solution in it so that it will sterilize the item again. After cleaning it I allow it time to air dry before storing it away. I don’t like drying it with towels or fabrics because unfortunately this item attracts lint very well. Too well. It’s the only thing I do not like about this item.

So to wrap this up here is a pros and cons list.


  • This item is fully capable to customization.
  • It is fairly easy to clean up after playing with it.
  • The shape of the item gives a nice feel for penetration
  • It is flexible
  • It’s pretty to look at. (lol)
  • It has a cum feature (per customization)
  • Easy to store
  • This can be used in a couples setting or by yourself
  • So far the cum tube has not been clogged
  • There is a suction cup option for these dildos (I regret not getting this option)
  • Ejaculation simulation is nearly spot on with this item


  • The silicone it is made out of attracts lint too easily.
  • Clean up can be a tad messy in regards to the cum lube
  • Clean up is a bit time consuming
  • Cum lube is hard to clean up

Overall I give this product a five out of five spanks (take that how you like). =P

Now as a special part of my review, I have also included a video review to show you how this toy works! Disclaimer: My camera ran out of battery life during my review so there are two parts to this video review. I apologize in advance for that.

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this review. Please give me feedback on what you think of this and how I may improve in the future. Thanks!

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