My Erotic Art: Installation 1

Hello my fellow friends! I want to apologize for my bit of silence. This past week has been pretty busy and hectic, but life is good to Master and I, and life couldn’t be too much better. Today, though, I want to show you my new project for this blog. I have drawn off and on since middle school, but recently I have taken a turn with my art for the more erotic/BDSM side. I wanted to share with you all My two most recent drawings. I hope you enjoy them. I’m going to be adding a tab to the header on here for all of the drawings I make from here on out. I’m also going to try my best to draw on a regular basis, which means you all will see my progress with erotic and BDSM based art. These are my first attempts, but I am up for any requests as well. If you have a drawing idea in mind that you would like for me to bring to life, or if you have any kink related requests that I can draw, feel free to post them or email them to me.

For now, enjoy!

my erotic art

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