Another Lesson on Posture

Thursday was just like any other day for me. It had been a long week at work and upon having another work day behind me, I was exhausted and ready for sleep by 6 p.m. Master had other plans for me, though.

When we got to His house we went straight upstairs and I knelt by the bed in my usual spot. I made sure my back was straight and my hands were placed flat against my thighs, as always. I can’t wear my collar at work, so Master took this time to place my collar around my neck and kissed me.

“How tired are you, Anastassia?” Master asked

“Very, Sir. I could pass out right now and probably sleep all night.”

“Well, that’s not going to happen.”

Master walked to the closet and started digging around. I heard the familiar jingle of my heel lock restraints and kind of had an idea of where this was going. He kept rustling some stuff around in the closet and eventually withdrew with the heel lock restraints, a pair of my heels, and a leash. He laid them out on the bed and started rummaging through the bed side drawer. He pulled out our lube bottle and one of the anal plugs.

“I want you to insert this and come back in here. You are to put on those shoes and we’ll go from there.”

He dismissed me to the bathroom where I lubed up the plug properly and inserted it with ease. When I returned to the bedroom I saw a book sitting on the bed that was not there when I had left. Immediately, I knew where this was going. Master let me sit in thew chair in the room as I put my heels on for Him. He bent down and locked the heel lock restraints in place around my ankles.

“Here is how this is going to work…” He grabbed the leash and locked it around my collar “You’re going to follow me up and down this hallway here and you will maintain perfect posture. For each time that book falls, you will be punished. I’m not sure how I’ll punish you, but I’ll think of something.”

A grin slipped onto His face as He pushed my body into an upright and straight position and placed the book on top of my head.

“As we walk, you will need to keep up pace with me while trying to keep that book balanced on your head. The first walk up and down the hall will be a trial run so you can get a proper idea of what I am expecting of you. If you fall behind I will yank on your leash till you keep up with me.”

Master took off down the hall with the leash in hand and I followed suit. We went at a steady pace down the carpeted hallway till we reached the other side and turned around. When we got back down to His room He told me I was doing a good job. I was pleased that the book had not fallen off my head, though it did shift a little.

“We’re going to go a little faster now. Hope you can keep up.”

Master started walking and I followed behind Him again, but not too close so I wouldn’t step on His heels. I felt a tug on my collar as tension rose in the leash in His hand. I tried walking faster and as soon as He stopped at the other end, I came to a fast halt that made the book slip right off my head.

I caught the book with one hand and only heard Master utter the word “One” with a tone that said He was not surprised. I huffed and puffed at my mini-failure, but placed the book back on my head and proceeded to follow Him .Each time we made our way up and down the hall, Master would go faster and faster. Instead of it dropping when we stopped, it started dropping in mid stride and I’d catch it in mid air before it hit the ground.

I learned that keeping posture in heels is incredibly hard, but walking in heels on a carpeted floor with a butt plug in? Whole other story. It is nearly impossible for me to keep myself straight upright in heels on a carpeted floor, but I’m sure with more practice I’ll get better at this.

Master stopped me in the bedroom and looked at me.

“Five times.”

I swallowed and kept eye contact with Him.

“So you dropped the book five times… Hmmm…” He though for a moment then pulled His cock out. He sat down on the bed and pulled on my leash till I was bent down above His cock.

“Keep your legs and back straight. You are to stay in the position for five minutes while you suck on my cock. Keep your hands behind your back as well. You’re only allowed to use your mouth”

“I don’t see how this is a punishment, Sir, but I’ll do it.”

Master only laughed a little as He guided my head down till my lips met the tip of His cock. I slipped my lips around the head and slowly down the shaft. I started working His fully erect member with my mouth, sucking on Him lovingly as I tried to maintain balance. Within a minute of doing this, I started feeling a burning sensation in the muscles in my legs. I made a small muffle sound of discomfort, but continued the blow job.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel the burn yet?”


“Still think this is not a punishment?”

He pulled on the leash, tight, till I was forced to deep throat Him. Unable to move back, His cock was shoved in my throat and I started to gag on His cock. He released me enough to let me back off so I could breath for a second, but then plunged His cock in my throat again. I struggled to keep my balance, but lost it and quickly shoved my hands onto the bed in front of me to keep me from falling. Master shoved My head down on His cock and choked me again.

This went on for what felt like ages, but in reality, when five minutes were up, He released me and let me straighten back up. My legs stiffened and screamed at the change in posture. He then pressed the body wand up against my clit and turned it on. Instantly I started to move and struggle.

“Hold still! Stand straight and take it.”

I moaned and tried my best to stand still, but every so often He’d turn it up high enough and put it in the right spot that would make my body want to crumble to Him. He tolerated this once and when it happened a second time He grasped the hair on the back of my head and stiffened me up straight.

“I said… hold… still!”

He turned the wand up as high as it would go and I moaned and rocked my hips against it. Begging for more. Then, with no warning, He turned it off and set it down on the bed. I felt my legs trembling and begged to sit down. Master had me sat in the chair and took off the restraints and the heels. He then led me to the bed and let me lie down.

My legs relaxed as soon as I got off them and I sighed with relief. Master undressed Himself and got on the bed on top of me. He spread my aching legs apart and touched my slit, wet with excitement. He gleamed at me and shoved His cock into me with ease, using me for His own pleasure. I wrapped my sore legs around His waist as He gave me His all and spilled His cum inside of me.

“Seeing you struggle turns me on, slave. I absolutely love it.” He withdrew from me and cuddled me close for the rest of the evening. If that is how my training is going to go, I think I’m really going to enjoy it.

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